Travel To Go Offers You Romantic Getaway Plans that Live Up To your Dreams

Travel To Go members recommend people to enjoy a honeymoon vacation even after years of marriage. Honeymoon is not only important for newlyweds as it is an essential relation building activity for all married couples. A romantic vacation can do wonders for your married life. It’s the time that both partners need to put their busy work life aside and reconnect with each other. They can either go back to the same place they had their first honeymoon or travel to a new destination to enjoy it.

Travel To Go members say that if couples travel to place s where they had enjoyed their first honeymoon it sure would have helped to rekindle their lost love and relive their memorable moments, this surely helps in building up there lost relationships. Depending on their personality and character, they can also choose the different recreational facilities that enhance their relationships. However, if they prefer to enjoy a holiday with less physical activity they can consider visiting beautiful cities and places of interest. They get to spend a wonderful time exploring new places and discovering interesting things.

Travel To Go members know that all couples need a break from their usual routine life to recharge and rejuvenate their relationship. Relationships without new activities and interests will become stale and boring. This also gives you the chance to spend quality time in each other’s company. Good marriages just don’t happen they surely need a little planning and working out and we all need to reward ourselves with vacations as they keep us motivated. Enjoying a fabulous honeymoon is the way to make your dream marriage become a reality. Moreover, know with so many travel destinations to choose from and with such competitive rates, enjoying a honeymoon has become quite easy.

Travel To Go members say that couples can enjoy an all-inclusive honeymoon package to re-ignite their life’s passion and enjoy new life experience in luxurious resorts that offer all- inclusive experiences, which can turn out to be the honeymoon of your dreams.

Travel To Go Brings You Ropes Course And Zip Line Expeditions

Travel To Go states that if you are looking for adventure, or maybe just want to do something a little more exhilarating than lay by the beach, going on the Canopy Adventure tour could be the perfect day trip away from the beaches and surf. Located a short drive away in the Sierra Madre mountains, its suspension network are deep in the Mexican jungle. Suspended high above the jungle floor, this attraction offers visitors the chance to complete a ropes course of elevated platforms and rope lines.

Travel To Go says that the entire excursion takes place under the supervision of professionally-trained, English-fluent guides who direct you along the course. The network of horizontal cables will carry you from heights between ten and 70 feet above the jungle floor. There are a total of 14 platforms, eleven horizontal traverses, an exhilarating Tarzan-style swing and a thrilling vertical descent.

Travel To Go members believe that the Canopy Adventure gives you the opportunity to see the local wildlife from the unique bird’s eye perspective offered by the height of the platforms. The ecosystem of the jungle environment is among the most complex and eccentric on the planet and you’ll have chances to see many different animals that call the jungle home, such as exotic birds and primates. Course visitors are secured by all necessary precautions.

Travel To Go recommends tourists to try the zip line above the Mismaloya River, a 1,650 foot ride 500 feet above the jungle floor. Named “The Predator” after the blockbuster movie that was filmed in the area in 1986, the one-person, harnessed ride zips through the jungle at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. There are a plethora of different zip lines in the area, but this is by far biggest and most noteworthy. The zip line is furnished through Canopy El Eden. For all of the preceding attractions, all necessary safety equipment, like harnesses, straps and helmets, are provided. Reservations can be made ahead of time at any of these attractions and Travel To Go recommends that you take make time to go in toward the morning hours; the jungle tends to warm up fast in the afternoon!

Tips To Help You From Travel To Go


Travel To Go knows there are a million aspects of your vacation and planning that could go wrong at any given time. Depending on others to help your vacation run smoothly is just part of planning. From ensuring that your reservations have been made correctly and that the dates are correct to making sure that your car is booked and that you understand what is and is not included in your trip, these are all things out of our control. Fortunately, what could go wrong, most often does not, however, what do you do if it does? And how can you be better prepared, just in case? Take a look at some of the top tips to help you be more prepared when you travel. Avoid issues later on by preparing now with Travel To Go.

Make sure you have made copies of your documentation and that it is with someone you trust. This should include your itinerary, your passport if you are traveling abroad and emergency contact information as well.

Travel To Go recommends you consider travel insurance when you travel. Although it may not be necessary for every vacation, there are some which may be better with insurance of some kind. Though not necessary, it is always good to consider this aspect just in case of emergency.

If you must check bags, make sure that they include only what you need and nothing that you can not live without. Also make sure that your luggage is well labeled and identifiable. Though not horribly common, luggage does get lost or stolen. For this reason, you will not want to pack anything in it that you couldn’t live without. Also, there is a limit to how much you can claim if it does disappear, so never bring items worth a lot of money if you can not afford to replace it on your own.


Travel To Go Shows The Less Touristy Side Of Europe

Travel To Go knows that though millions flock to areas such as London, Paris and other top European cities known for their culture and world famous attractions, those searching for a less typically touristy vacation have many small towns and villages to choose from, and many, just around the corner from these larger city centers. If you are one of those who wish to truly experience the European life, check out these lesser known cities for travel with Travel To Go.

Matera, Italy – A small town and province in Southern Italy, this picturesque small town is located in a small canyon which is known to have been settled for generations. Allegedly founded by Romans in the 3rd century, Metera offers the small town and historic beauty of Italy of years past. While there is plenty to see and do, Matera is best known for its World Heritage site, cave dwellings south of town that date back hundreds of year. Museums and castles as well as the Stairways in Matera are just a few of the cultural sites in small town Italy.

Île de Noirmoutier, France – Though this small island is known for its tourism, it is more popular with locals making this beautiful and small island, an ideal destination for travel. Historic and diverse, it is located on the western cost and is known as a commune which dates back to the arrival of the first monk named Saint Philibert in the 600′s. Traditional in nature, the small village is filled with narrow lanes, fine foods and architecture dating back hundreds of years, many landmarks and a traditional fishing port. Fishing, swimming, dining, getting to know the culture or just relaxing, Travel To Go knows this is a can’t miss destination for travel.


Travel To Go Find Costa Rica To Be A Perfect Holiday Destination

Travel To Go members know that the incredible biodiversity and variable claim of America, offers multitude travel destinations to explore and enjoy. With so much to see and decide where to go, can often be the most difficult part of your trip planning. And the best way to resolve this issue is to choose one or two destinations and then its complimentary locations can be found based on constraint and interests. One of the main reasons that travelers find a Costa Rica vacation quiet appealing is all because this beautiful holiday destinations offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy multiple locations all in a single holiday.

Travel To Go says that in Costa Rica tourist can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, natural wonders, grandest adventure experiences, scintillating culture, and all the essential ingredients perfect for an ideal holiday. The holiday destination of Costa Rica occupies an important position in the heart of Central America. The country is surprisingly accessible from coast to coast and this really what adds to its appeal. The variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sandy beaches offer the perfect playground to enjoy sport fishing, snorkeling and sun bathing. The beaches of Costa Rica are surrounded by lush green forests where you can breathe in fresh air, marvel at colorful coral reefs and can dive and explore. Tourists have plenty of complimentary options to enjoy while on their Costa Rica holiday like hiking in its mangroves, diving, surfing and exploring its diverse landscape on horseback.

Travel To Go members say that Costa Rica has it all from its world class canopy tours Kayaking, Horse riding and much more, as it is a land of volcanoes, rainforest and waterfalls. Although an endless list of activities await you in Coast Rica but you can start off with the popular adventure tour. The most challenging activity to enjoy is choosing what to do.

Travel To Go members know that the richness of Costa Rica stems from its cultural diversity of its people and history.

Travel To Go Shares Information To Help You Know Your Hotel and Travel Destination

Travel To Go shares the importance of getting to know you resort or hotel, look at the lay of the hotel, parking garage.  Know where the entrance and exits are. Find out who to contact in case of an emergency.  Get to know the front office staff as they are helpful guides.

Travel To Go team mentions that if you have not been able to research your destination airport, hotel or other important items of the area you will be visiting. Check with the government tourism board or an internet site to contact someone if you have additional questions.

Travel To Go shares to also check into immunizations if traveling internationally and out of the country.  There may be specific immunizations required before you travel. The most important priority is safety for you and your loved ones traveling.

Travel To Go also mentions to get to know you hotel security, when they are on staff and how to reach them. Also use the safe in your room to lock up valuables if there is none, check with the reception area and notice where hotel cameras are located and pointed, most of all vacations are to be fun and relaxing. So take and enjoy using this smart little travel tips to help you get your vacation started.

Travel To Go — Know the Rules about Packing for Travel

Travel To Go knows that when planning a trip, packing was the easy part. You could fill up as many bags as you needed with all sorts of things and they would be put onto the plane for you. That is not the case in the world today. Airlines have placed restrictions on the size of bags you have, how much they can weight and what you are allowed to have in them. Travel To Go understands that it can be difficult to make sure that your bags will meet all of these restrictions if you do not do a little planning.

  • Check with the airline – Every airline is different. Some charge for baggage and others do not. The information about what the airline charges and what they allow in their checked baggage can be found on the airlines website or you can call their customer service. You need to know these things before you pack.
  • By a luggage scale and tape measure – These tools will allow you to measure and weigh your bags to make sure they meet the airlines guidelines.
  • Pack an extra duffle bag – It is a good idea to have an empty duffle bag packed in your luggage. If you have bags that are overweight, you can put some of the things into the duffle bag to make all of your bags within the weight limits.
  • Know what you can and cannot pack – Check the airlines and the government agencies to find out what is allowed and what is not allowed in checked luggage. Travel To Go knows that this will be easier than having to remove the restricted items at the airport.

Travel To Go Team Visits Toronto

Travel To Go team recently visited Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Millions of travelers visit it every year to be charmed by the beauty of the city and its attractions. One of the most important landmarks are the Niagara Falls, a 90-minute drive from Toronto, a well worth drive to watch 750,000 gallons of water a second slide of a cliff right in front of you. Just about everybody ice-skates in Canada, perhaps is a good time to show off your ice-skating skills; there are 50+ outdoor rinks, the 2 most famous are Harbourfront Centre and Nathan Phillips Square. Ice hockey is the national game and this city´s obsession particularly when played by the Toronto Maple Leafs, tickets are almost always sold out.

Travel To Go team shares some very popular attractions that are a must see. The CN Tower, which is located in the center of Toronto. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world, with a height of 1,815 feet it attracts millions of visitors looking for a bird´s eye view of Toronto and it´s surroundings; at the towers top floor is a restaurant where you can order a coffee or a cocktail and enjoy the spectacular view. Another great attraction in Toronto is Casa Loma, Canada´s most magnificent castle. With a Gothic Revival style, this house dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. You can explore the castle´s decorated suites, secret passages, towers, stables and gardens.

Travel To Go team also visited the Royal Ontario Museum or ROM, and enjoyed the more than 40 galleries of art, archeology and natural science. The museum also features the best collection of Chinese artifacts. And the Centre Island, a group of small islands that form the largest car free population in North America, only a few service vehicles are allowed, and the place attracts travelers from around the world with its amusement park, great restaurants and beaches.

Travel To Go team loved Toronto and highly recommends it to its substantial clients!

Travel To Go-Top Resort Accommodations With The World’s Greatest Vacation Escapes

Travel To Go an industry leader with a loyal customer base approaching 50,000 members and a family owned and operated business can be credited to a company that prides itself on 5 star services since 1990.  This year represents a celebratory milestone of 23 years in business and Travel To Go continues to be exclusively recognized as a premier leader in the world-wide travel industry for quality service.  Travel To Go has exceptional staff waiting to assist you with your travel needs, think of where you want to travel and contact them for they will help you get started and will answer any questions you may have.

The mission for Travel To Go is “Making Dreams Come True” so why not choose the best when looking to get away on your next big vacation.  Let Travel To Go find one of those great escapes like; Hawaii, Fiji, Jamaica, Florida, Australia, Thailand, or Europe?  Whatever you choose let Travel To Go help you find the right accommodations and amenities to suit your needs.

With a membership at Travel To Go, you may be closer than you imagined …more than you may have dreamed of with affordability for the next dream come true.  Let Travel To Go find that next special offer to help make it happen.   Travel To Go has a large inventory of some of the most romantic destinations and resorts in the world, located in some of the most sought after locations and why not choose a vacation that you will cherish for a life time.  Let Travel To Go help make that experience happen for you.


Travel To Go Suggests Customers Be Aware of Fees When Traveling By Air

Travel To Go realizes that the advertisements make it seem like flying is a real bargain. It is often the cheapest and easiest way to get from one place to another, but the price that many people pay can be surprising. If you see a flight advertised for $99, it may seem like a great deal. All of that changes when you actually book the ticket and end up paying a lot more. Many people may wonder why there is a difference in price and Travel To Go know there are several things that can cause it.

  • Airports fees and taxes – The taxes depend on what country you are buying the ticket in and the airport fees depend on where your plane is flying out of and into. They are usually beyond the control of the airline that you are flying and will be consistent between the airlines.
  • Baggage Fees – The cost of checking luggage catches many people by surprise. Some airlines charge a fee while others do not. It is possible to find ways around these fees if you ask the right people.
  • Seat selection, snack and other fees – The airlines can charge you for just about everything. Travel To Go suggests you need to ask what fees will be added before you purchase a ticket.